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COVID-19 Information

All employees, students and visitors will comply with the following screening and safety measures when visiting campus.

  • You must have a temperature less than 100.4
  • You must complete a health screening questionnaire prior to entering the building.
  • You must wear a mask at all times. Employees are not required to wear masks in office if no other student/staff are present within six feet.
  • You must socially distance 6 feet from other individuals.
  • Faculty and Staff may be on campus or working remotely. The school may also be required to limit the number of individuals on campus. Please call and make an appointment with the individual prior to arriving on campus.


During the emergency declaration for COVID 19 Lutheran School of Nursing will make changes to the course offering models as needed. Some courses may change offering methods during the term as positivity rates increase or decrease.

The school will utilize the following combinations of course deliver systems during the emergency declaration:

Face to Face Instruction: Classes meet in a traditional classroom setting at a specific time and days of the week for the duration of the course. Students are expected to attend regularly on campus and maintain social distancing.

Face to Face/Hybrid: If a face-to-face class size exceeds the social distancing capacity, students will rotate attendance on campus. When not in attendance on campus, students will access the lesson electronically. Students should have access to a device and Internet. Instructors will notify students if hybrid attendance applies.

Hybrid: Instruction occurs online through the learning management system, but on-campus attendance is required on specific days and times identified on the course schedule and/or syllabus. Students should have access to a device and Internet connection.

Online: Instruction occurs exclusively online, through the learning management system, for the duration of the course. Students can access instruction anytime. Students are required to have access to a device and Internet connection.

Disclaimer: Students should be prepared to transition to fully remote learning if


If a student/faculty/staff tests positive for Covid 19 stop attending class, clinical, and work. Notify the school as soon as possible. The earliest return to school date is 14 days from the DATE of positivity on the Covid letter. To return to school/work you must have a negative test result, have completed your 14 day quarantine and be symptom free for at least 24 hours.

Instructors are to follow the same testing requirement as students, and wait for results while self-quarantining. Return to school is with proof of negative result only.

When any student or faculty gives notification of a positive result or POSSIBLE close contact exposure (ex: family member in the home, spouse, boyfriend, etc), Stacy Abels-Williams is to be notified. Students will be informed of chances to the mode of class based upon positive covid results.

Stacy Abels-Willaims will contact close contacts and provide free testing information.

Additionally, the school will work with any clinical facility to follow the facility’s protocol.

More Information About COVID-19

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