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Financial Aid - Frequently Ask Questions

When can I apply for financial aid?

You can apply for financial aid as soon as you have the income information necessary to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is available on October 1 for the academic year that will start in August of the next year. You must apply for financial aid for each academic year.

What determines if I am an Independent or Dependent student and need to provide parental income information? 

ndependent students - are students who are at least 24 (as determined by date of birth by January 1st on the FAFSA) years old or, a ward of the court or, married, or have dependents, or is a veteran of the armed forces. Aid is based on student and spouse household information.

Dependent students - are students who are less than 24 years old and do not meet any of the above conditions. Financial aid is based on parental and student household information.

What can I do to prepare financially for school?

  1. Pay off credit card debt prior to starting school. 
  2. If you are responsible for utility bills sign up for budget billing.   
  3. Create a budget and reduce any nonessential spending. 
  4. If you need to work while in school make sure your job and school hours are compatible.
  5. Apply for financial aid and scholarship funds.  Most scholarship deadlines are in January to April for funds to be received in September.

Can I receive financial aid before my file is complete?

All forms will need to be completed by the student before any money can be released to the students.

Will a credit check be done before I can receive a student loan?

Stafford Student Loans are not based on credit reports. A student is eligible if they are not currently in default or have declared bankruptcy with student loans attached. If you have defaulted or declared bankruptcy the Financial Aid Office may be able to assist you. Please call the Financial Aid Office for more information.

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