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Student Services

Lutheran School of Nursing provides students with a variety of services to enhance their educational experience here, including:


The comprehensive orientation program is designed to assist students to adjust to their role as an LSN student. Specific programs address the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. The Orientation Program includes:

  • Student Orientation – Introduces students to the faculty, staff, facilities, policies, and procedures of Lutheran School of Nursing.
  • Foundations Program – Program that includes a comprehensive assessment, CPR training, computer instruction, study skills and uniform fittings.
  • Residence Life Move-In Day and Orientation – A move-in day is held before the beginning of each semester. Orientation to residential life is held during the first week of each semester.


Each student is assigned a faculty member who provides support and guidance. Students are encouraged to communicate with their mentors throughout the year.


LSN recognizes that today’s students are faced with many pressures and distractions that may detract from their performance in the program. While primary responsibility for success resides with the student, the LSN Student at Risk program helps identify performance problems early and creates a plan for student sucess.


A full-time professional counselor is on staff to help direct students in their personal growth and professional development. Confidential assistance with personal issues, academic skills and career development is available to all students. The counselor is also available to refer students to other services for specialized problems or concerns. Individual or group meetings can be scheduled at the request of students or faculty.


Workshops and seminars are available to all students on topics ranging from note- and test-taking to communication skills and stress management. In addition, career guidance on subjects such as resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and job-seeking skills are available through the Student Development Office. Workshops or group discussions can be arranged to address topics of interest or current issues of concern.


Individual and group assistance can be arranged, based on student requests and faculty availability. Flexibility and meeting individual needs are a focus of this program.


The Student Body Government Association (SBGA) provides a variety of activities for the LSN community throughout the year. All students and faculty members are encouraged to participate in these activities. SBGA activities include both social and service events for students, faculty and the community.


All students are required to carry their own health and hospitalization insurance. Students maintain the right to choose the source of treatment should injury occur, but must do so with the understanding that they will be responsible for any resulting cost.  Students must obtain all required immunizations recommended by the CDC for healthcare personnel at the student’s expense.  Please refer to the immunization policy.


Students may obtain a copy of their health records by completing a health record request form Please see the form for instructions. Copies of health records will only be given to the student. Students may access all completed health forms in the student portal under document tracking. All health records may be destroyed after 5 years

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