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Financial Aid - Verification Policy

All students selected for verification from the central processing center are verified.  Students may be selected to verify all or a portion of the items that may be verified.  Items to be verified are determined by the central processing center. Additional students may be selected for verification by the institution based on application information that may be in error including but not limited to:

  1. Family income appears unusually low for family size.
  2. Amount of taxes paid appears to be inconsistent with the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).
  3. Unusually large number of family members.

Students selected for verification who filed tax returns must submit tax transcript data by using the IRS data retrieval tool in the FAFSA on the web or requesting a tax transcript from the IRS. You may request the IRS tax transcript online at or by calling 1-800-908-9446. Tax transcript(s) are required from student and spouse for independent students, for parent, parent's current spouse and student for dependent students. Non tax filers are required to submit a copy of all W-2's. Recipients of food stamps must submit documentation of receipt with food stamp verification worksheet. Verification worksheets must be submitted to document household size information, child support paid, and untaxed income.

The items that will be verified are:

  • Household size
  • Number of family members currently attending college at least half-time.
  • Federal Tax Transcript(s) line items for Adjusted Gross Income, U.S. taxes paid, Education Credits, IRA Deductions, IRA Payments, Tax Exempt Interest Income, Untaxed portions of IRA Distributions, Untaxed Portions of Pensions.
  • Receipt of Food Stamps.
  • Child Support paid including person in the household who paid the support, the person the support was paid to and the name of the child, total yearly amount paid.
  • Income earned from work from W-2 for non tax filers.
  • Verification of High School graduation.
  • Identity and Education Statement by submitting the Identity and Education Statement Form with an acceptable picture ID to a school staff member.
  • Untaxed income

Students will be notified by document tracking letter to submit required forms for verification. The Financial Aid Office will submit corrections resulting from verification or the resolution of conflicting information electronically. The student will receive an updated student aid report listing the corrections.

Students must submit all required documentation for verification prior to the end of the award year or end of enrollment whichever date is earlier. Financial aid award letter will not be sent or funds requested until verification is complete.

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